Star Wars: The Force Reborn

This is Star Wars the Force Reborn. This Rp takes place during Darth Revan and Malak's time. The Old Republic, 3960 Years before Episode One. Please feel free to join and look around.
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 A Student Becomes A Master

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Darth Sion


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PostSubject: A Student Becomes A Master   Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:22 am

"Well done Darth Sion you are now able to execute the final stage of our plan." Lucien said while he knighted Sion. "Yes master, I will do as you command." Sion said wiith pride and enthusiasm."Good,good, well then you will need this"Lucien tossed Sion an electrum hilt lightsaber. Sion ignited it to see a pink hued blade and was astounded at the rarity of the color. " Thank you master! But were may I ask did you find such a unique crystal?"

Sion exclaimed. "Hahaha, Do you not know the power of your master...nevermind were I got it just know that it gives me great pride and joy to see you come this far. You were broken and lost when I first met you in that cantina, now I marvel at your saber ability and your prowess in the powers of the force are astounding. I have crafted you into the perfect weapon to take out our opposition." Lucien said. "Yes my master, no Jedi will be able to resist my grip or deflect my blade, I will kill anyone who stands in my way..using the techniques you taught me of course."

Sion said fiddling with his new weapon. "Yes...maybe its time I filled you in on the true intentions of "Our" are ment with the Sith Lord Malak so that we may rule the galaxy as we please ..not as some fool with no lower jaw does." Lucien chuckled while giving Sion a comforting pat on the back. "Deal with him my master? How do you mean?" Sion questioned uncomfortably. Luciens smile disappeared " How do you think you idiot? Your going to kill him and make sure he doesnt become part of the force stream." Lucien prepared his bags."

We will leave for Korriban in the morning so get your things ready.". Sion stood in shock, thoughts raced through his mind, all those years in of swearing allegiance to Lord Malak, and all those saber sessions imagining Jedi were in the place of the training droids. "I thought Malak was our ally? and even if there is a good reason to commit treason have I had enough training? I am only a Darth I do not know if I can best him in battle, even at that if I do defeat him then what about Revan? Are we going to kill him te person that has shown me the most hospitality, more than you even!

Sion paced around his former master and took his cloak off revealing his cracked,decaying skin. " Do you dare question me? and how dare you threaten me, pfft taking your cloak off as if you even had a chance against me! The thought of you defeating me is simply ludacris!." Lucien paced in the same direction as his former student taking his cloak off as well. "No! your plan is ludacris, Trying to dethrone a Sith lord that has done nothing but welcome us into his empire?...... Dont make me kill you master!"

Sion reaches out to Luciens mind and senses his racing thoughts about the empire plotting against him. 'So thats why he wants to kill Malak he thinks the empire is going to try to kill him..I wonder if his old age has made him delusional, nevermind I will do what I must!'. Sion thought to himself while igniting his newly acquired lightsword." You will try!". Said Lucien with a crazed look in his eyes. Lucien ignited his saber and circles one more time before lunging wildly at him.

There blades clash and glance off of each other. A screeching noise resonantes through the room. They stay in a ready stance waiting for the other to make a move. Sion attacks with a flurry of strikes to quick for the naked eye to see, which lucien defends against rather slowly. Sion attacks a second this time with a strong overhead swipe that takes Lucien off of his feet. Sion sees this as a chance to make the killing blow and strikes but lucien takes a portion of the wall of and throws it at Sion.

Sion gets ready to block it with the force but to his surprise Lucien had missed, He looks down to see his former master drooling and out of breath struggling to get up. 'hmmm so thats why he stopped those saber lessons hes grown weak!. Sion thought. "You have left the dark side for too long my old master, its deficit has weakened you drastically.". Sion lets out quite a sinister laugh at the murder he is about to enjoy. "I'll show you weak!"

Lucien yells while he strikes for his the final time, it was a sloppy horizontal slice that Sion deflected into the floor. Sion then force gripped Lucien and pinned him to the wall, then sensing all of Luciens internal organs seeing which he was going to make fail first."Your weak....You've always been weak...your a pathetic excuse for a Sith."

Lucien said gasping for air. Sion took these words to heart and showing the anger in his face could not control himself, all the anger he had pent up inside suddenly got let loose and in doing so he made Lucien internally combust into a fireball but keeping his body and all of his nerve endings intact making sure Lucien would suffer before the end. Ignoring the screams eminating from his former master he picked up the curved hilt, white-bladed saber up from the concrete and impaled his master with it and walked out of the room.

He stood outside and with one final bout of strength collapsed the building from inside. Sion scanned the ruins for any force senses of his master but found none confirming his death. Sion took his Luciens lightsaber and cloak and put it on. He sheathed his own and put them both on his belt. this was the origin of the Lord of Pain.
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Darth Bane

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PostSubject: Re: A Student Becomes A Master   Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:25 am

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A Student Becomes A Master
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