Star Wars: The Force Reborn

This is Star Wars the Force Reborn. This Rp takes place during Darth Revan and Malak's time. The Old Republic, 3960 Years before Episode One. Please feel free to join and look around.
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Canderous Ordo


Number of posts : 9
Age : 25
Class : Bounty Hunter
Skill : 8400
Force Ability : N/A
Aim : 3170
Strength : 4630
Intelligence : 6850
Army : Freelance
Master/Apprentice : N/A
Credits : 5150
Weapons : Model 44 Blaster Pistol on his left holster, DL-44 in his right.
Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Launcher attached to his back in a mechanic sheath.
Registration date : 2012-11-07

PostSubject: Canderous' Page   Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:35 am

Quick Draw (You can now draw your gun at a very high speed)-

Aim Required- 450
Increases Skill by- 100
Slow Motion (You slow time for 3 seconds being able to assess the situation)-

Aim required- 800
Increases Skill by- 200
Quick Shot (You can fire your gun much quicker)-

Aim required- 1150
Increases Skill by- 350
Slugs (The beams you fire out of your gun are now 1 inch thick)-

Aim Required- 2000
Increases Skill by- 400
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Canderous' Page
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