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This is Star Wars the Force Reborn. This Rp takes place during Darth Revan and Malak's time. The Old Republic, 3960 Years before Episode One. Please feel free to join and look around.
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 Battle Droid Types

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PostSubject: Battle Droid Types   Sun Oct 26, 2008 4:28 am

If you want to buy something create a new topic with the name: <Insert Name's> Buying page. This will be your page for buying things permanently, do not continue to make new topics. One topic for Skills, one for Weapons, and another for troops(Not one for them all.)

Template used for buying weapons, skills, etc.
Reply to your own topic do not make a new topic every time you buy something.

Type of Men:
Amount of Men:
Intelligence Needed:
Credits Left:
Strength Gained:
Skill Gained:

HK-series assassin droids- HK-series assassin droids were assassin droids with the language functions of protocol droids. They were originally manufactured by Czerka Corporation, disguised as protocol droids with their assassination functions concealed.

Cost for 1- 100
Cost for 5- 500
Cost for 10- 1,000
Cost for 20- 2,000
Cost for 50- 5,000
Cost for 100- 10,000
Cost for 500- 50,000
Cost for 1,000- 100,000
Each Additional unit costs 100 Credits

Intelligence needed- 30 for every 1

HK-series assassin droids increase:

Strength- 10 for every 1
Skill- 20 for every 1
These Gains are permanent.

Sentinel droid- The sentinel droid-series (also known as the war-droid or military droid-series) is the only known series of android among the war machines used by the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire in the Jedi Civil War.

Cost for 1- 200
Cost for 5- 1000
Cost for 10- 2000
Cost for 20- 4000
Cost for 50- 10,000
Cost for 100- 20,000
Cost for 500- 100,000
Cost for 1,000- 200,000
Each Additional unit costs 200 Credits

Intelligence needed- 40 for every 1

Sentinel Droid increase:

Strength- 20 for every 1
Skill- 30 for every 1
These Gains are permanent.

SD-6 Hulk Infantry Droid- A predecessor to the Balmorran Arms SD-9 and SD-10 battle droid models, the SD-6 "Hulk" stood 3.5 meters tall and nearly as wide.

Cost for 1- 300
Cost for 5- 1500
Cost for 10- 3,000
Cost for 20- 6,000
Cost for 50- 15,000
Cost for 100- 30,000
Cost for 500- 150,000
Cost for 1,000- 300,000
Each Additional unit costs 300 Credits

Intelligence needed- 45 for every 1

SD-6 Hulk Infantry Droid increase:

Strength- 30 for every 1
Skill- 40 for every 1
These Gains are permanent.

B1-A air battle droid- Their design shared design characteristics with that of the B1 battle droids though were more bulky in appearance in a similar vein as the B2 super battle droid. These droids are equipped with two short blades, arm-mounted blasters, and a shield that could block lightsabers. In addition, they possessed a built-in jetpack allowing them to hover on the battlefield and gave them a high degree of mobility allowing them to either harass enemies from a distance or charge at them in close quarter combat.

Cost for 1- 400
Cost for 5- 2000
Cost for 10- 4,000
Cost for 20- 8,000
Cost for 50- 20,000
Cost for 100- 40,000
Cost for 500- 200,000
Cost for 1,000- 400,000
Each Additional unit costs 400 Credits

Intelligence needed- 50 for every 1

Droideka increase:

Strength- 40 for every 1
Skill- 50 for every 1
These Gains are permanent.

Basilisk War Droid- The Basilisk war droid, known in Mando'a as the Bes'uliik or "iron beast", was an intelligent battle droid, originally produced by the Basiliskans but most famously used by the Mandalorians. (These also count as 1 man land war Vehicles)

Cost for 1- 500
Cost for 5- 2500
Cost for 10- 5,000
Cost for 20- 10,000
Cost for 50- 25,000
Cost for 100- 50,000
Cost for 500- 250,000
Cost for 1,000- 500,000
Each Additional unit costs 500 Credits

Intelligence needed- 60 for every 1

Basilisk War Droid increase:

Strength- 50 for every 1
Skill- 60 for every 1
These Gains are permanent.
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Battle Droid Types
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