Star Wars: The Force Reborn

This is Star Wars the Force Reborn. This Rp takes place during Darth Revan and Malak's time. The Old Republic, 3960 Years before Episode One. Please feel free to join and look around.
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 Marik Suliman (Its Jace XD)

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Number of posts : 1
Skill : 300
Force Ability : 250
Aim : n/a
Strength : 150
Intelligence : 250
Army : Jedi Knights
Master/Apprentice : n/a
Credits : 100
Weapons : Lightsaber
Registration date : 2008-10-30

PostSubject: Marik Suliman (Its Jace XD)   Thu Oct 30, 2008 9:01 am

Characters name: Marik Suliman

Race: Human

Starting Planet: Tython

Class: Jedi

Starting Weapon- Blue training light saber

Army: Jedi Knights

Rank- Knight

Biography of Character- Marik was born on the planet Tython into a ancient and powerfull family. Ever since he was a child Marik had been told about his familys role in the Jedi. Almost every male in the Suliman line became a Jedi and exceled at it proficiently. This being said Marik had always held the Jedi in the highest respect that was possible and one day aspired to become on of them. At about the age of thirteen Marik's father was killed during an attack by a assissan. Marik was angered by this yes, and saddened but he put it past him. As he was taugh to control his emotions as was the way of the Jedi.

Being born on Tython, Marik's questions about the Jedi and their ways were never left un anwsered. He soon began to pick up on the abilities of the Jedi Knights. After the death of his father Marik became close to his fathers old friend Master Kanjiro. Soon Kanjiro began to teach him the ways of the force for he knew the greatness that Marik held. Marik then made it his goal to become a Jedi Knight and serve the helpless and hold the peace.

Class Powers:

Skill- 300
Force Ability- 250
Aim- N/A
Strength- 150
Intelligence- 250
Credits- 100

Picture of Character:
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Darth Bane

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Intelligence : 13,545
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Credits : 395
Weapons : Linked Fiber Cord Saber- Yellow
Registration date : 2008-10-21

PostSubject: Re: Marik Suliman (Its Jace XD)   Thu Oct 30, 2008 9:02 am

Accepted. Edit your profile and you will be set to go.

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Marik Suliman (Its Jace XD)
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